Coupons Promo Code: Why Google Rank with Fake Coupons? promo code

I’m looking for new coupons to renew my .com domain today, but can’t find valid ones. Usually, I search “ promo code” on Google, maybe 2 years ago, the site “” ranks No.1 for a long time, the site always provides new valid coupons for and other sites, while “” and “” these sites rank …


JS Change the Webpage Content Without Refresh

Copy the follow js code, and paste it in the browser address bar, press Enter, then you can change anything on the webpage without refresh! javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0 Or Drag the highlighted text into your bookmarks bar. And then click the icon whenever you want to edit any page!

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WordPress 5.0 Download and WordPress 5.0 Themes

WordPress 5.0 Download and WordPress 5.0 Themes

Have you downloaded the latest new version of WordPress 5.0 yet? You can download the latest new version WordPress 5.0 here. And here you can download the WordPress 5.0 new theme Twenty Nineteen here. Test the new editor today. You can take Gutenberg for a spin (and share your feedback, if you’d like) before we officially …


Recieve Affliate Payment via Payoneer

You can use Payoneer cad account to receive payment from now, just apply a CA account at the dashboard of the What is the “Routing Number / ABA Number” on the payment page? But there is no Routing Number / ABA Number on the Payoneer backend of you ca account.   A routing number for electronic payments contains …

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How to Change the WordPress Theme’s Featured Images Size (thumbnails)

Yes, I bought a new Premium WordPress theme for one of our site, the site using an old shcool theme, I want to get a new out look for the site, the traffic increase fast in this year, so I want to make it more attractive, then I bought a new theme on ThemeForest. The …