Recieve Amazon.ca Affliate Payment via Payoneer

You can use Payoneer cad account to receive payment from Amazon.ca now, just apply a CA account at the dashboard of the Payoneer.com What is the “Routing Number / ABA Number” on the amazon.ca payment page? But there is no Routing Number / ABA Number on the Payoneer backend of you ca account.   A routing number for electronic payments contains …

Wordpress Plugins

How to Change the WordPress Theme’s Featured Images Size (thumbnails)

Yes, I bought a new Premium WordPress theme for one of our site, the site using an old shcool theme, I want to get a new out look for the site, the traffic increase fast in this year, so I want to make it more attractive, then I bought a new theme on ThemeForest. The …

Internet Resource

How to Remove Google AMP in the URL, AMP url Got 404 Error

How to Remove Google AMP in the URL, AMP url Got 404 Error

Weeks ago, I want to try the Google’s AMP services, I installed AMP plugins AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages from WordPress.org, after several  days, I found my page views and earnings drop a lot, then I think there are may some problems with the AMP plugin. I disabled the amp plugin and found the traffic and …