Coupons Promo Code: Why Google Rank with Fake Coupons? promo code

I’m looking for new coupons to renew my .com domain today, but can’t find valid ones.

Usually, I search “ promo code” on Google, maybe 2 years ago, the site “” ranks No.1 for a long time, the site always provides new valid coupons for and other sites, while “” and “” these sites rank so high, but these sites can’t provide latest new valid coupons!

My favorite site “” always provide valid coupons, but I forget the exact url, because most of the time, I go to the site via Google, but today I can’t find the site, yes, it’s gone from Google! WTF!

Well, I used Yahoo, and finally I find it, and of course, I got the valid promo code! promo code