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[solved]#1449 – The user specified as a definer (‘mysql.infoschema’@’localhost’) does not exist

I updated the mysql from 5.0 to mysql 8.0 today, everything seemed smooth before I restarted the server, I changed the “nginx 301 https”, then restarted the service, I got this error: Then I login the mysql, I got this error: I checked all the solutions on the internet, and I used the following solution, …


Add Content After Theia Post Slider

// slider function my_custom_function( $html) { $html .= ‘ ‘; $html .= get_post_field(‘post_content’, $post_id); $html .= ‘ ‘; return $html; } $priority = 10; add_filter( ‘tps_the_content_after’, ‘my_custom_function’, $priority, 2 ); wp_register_script(‘clickmag’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/js/slider-handlers.js’, array(‘jquery’), ”, true);