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How to Move wordpress blogs to (blogspot)

It’s easy to move blogger to wordpress, just 2 clicks, while it’s hard for most of us who want to import wordpress posts to blogger.But today I will intrduce you a cool tool which can help you move your wordpress blogs to blogspot. That is WordPress2Blogger(which is hosted on App Engine).


How to post via Email to

In some countries and institutions , some websites are blocked, just like youtube,blospot,myspace,hi5,facebook etc. If you are a blogger, and the blog has been blocked when you are in other area, how can you update your blog? If you use blogspot, there is any easy way to update your blog: just send an email to …


A Collection of 3 column blogger templates

The blogger default templates are 2 column templates, but how to creat 3 column blogger templates? If you want to creat a 3 column blogger template by yourself, you can learn from this on how to Create a 3 column blogger template with 2 right columns. If you don’t want to creat it by yourself, …