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Display Google Adsense Only On Individual Single Post

Put google adsense ads which will shown in only individual post? You can add the following¬†¬† lines of codes to the top and bottom of the code block respectively: <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘> </b:if> The above lines will add in a condition which value is negative is the blog is not showing individual post content …


Earn more by using AdSense optimization in Google Ad Manager

It can be tough to sell advertising in today’s economy. It can be even tougher to figure out how to maximize revenue for each ad impression. Google Ad Manager, our hosted ad serving and management solution for publishers with small direct sales teams, was built to address these issues. Google Ad Manager helps publishers maximize …

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Make money on knol – how to put adsense codes on Google Knol.

Google has launched Knol , its Wikipedia alternative that holds authors accountable for the articles they write. Each article is created by a team of authors who receive attribution, and are allowed to take part in a rev-share for AdSense ads on their page.If the visiters click your adsense ads, you get money.More pageviews clicks …