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Load Javascript Last – Load JavaScript After Pageload Make Site Faster

Tips on how to load Javascript (advertisement) last after your page loaded, this can help you load your site faster especially you have a lot out site JavaScript. The most common reason that websites don’t rank good in popular web sites is slower loading time. Often excessive JavaScript on your page is the main reason …


Add Google Adsense and other JavaScript to Blogger (blogspot) Templates

Some bloggers want to add google adsense codes to blogger template, but put the codes into the blog pages by manually editing the XML-based template HTML coding interface. In fact, the java can not work.

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A List for The Most Complete AJAX Framework and JavaScript Libraries

Ajax framework can help us to quickly develop web pages that can call web services and server pages through javascript without having to submit the current page.Recent Web-applications tend to use them to provide more interactivity and guarantee better functionality.There are hundreds of Ajax/JavaScript frameworks available — I spent some days to gather the most …