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A Collection of 10 New Fresh Three Columns Blogspot xml Templates

There are so many wordpress themes for bloggers who use wordpress as their blogging platform, but for blogspot users, there are not so many, in order to find a good template, you have to spent a lot time, today, we have collected 10 new fresh blogspot tempaltes for blogger users, really cool blogger themes, and …

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An Elegant 3 Column Blogger Template- Healthy Lifestyle

This is a very great simple three column blogger xml template This xml blogger template is transfer from a wordpress theme. A good blogspot theme for healthy,life niche etc. It is simple and clean. Coder / Designer: Deluxe Templates / New WP Themes Compatible with: FFIEChrome Language: English Propierties: 3 Columns, Adapted from WordPress, Fixed …


A Collection of 3 column blogger templates

The blogger default templates are 2 column templates, but how to creat 3 column blogger templates? If you want to creat a 3 column blogger template by yourself, you can learn from this on how to Create a 3 column blogger template with 2 right columns. If you don’t want to creat it by yourself, …