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WP Robot Review: Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin

Before you buy this WordPress Autoblogging Plugin: WP Robot, you should know exactly what this plugin can do, and the Good side and down side.

What can the wp robot do?

WP Robot ReviewWP Robot is an autoblogging plugin for WordPress based websites. This autobloggin plugin enables the user to create targeted blog posts on any niche without having to write anything, including articles, images, videos, products etc . Your wordpress based websites will be set on auto-pilot and fresh content will be entered on a schedule that the user specifies and the posts can be on any topic and will be targeted to any keyword desired. Content can be taken from any source including ClickBank, Amazon, Ebay,and YouTube. If you are a newbie to internet marketing, you may waste hundreds of dollars on programs and software over-promises and under-delivers. But the wp robot will never let you down (of course, this depends on what niche you choose, and how competitive the niche is. For example, loose fat)

Download wp robot here.

WP Robot 3.0 Review

The wp robot had updated to the new version: wp robot 3.0, more new features have added, make this tool more powerful! Get more new content, make the content more human.The plugin comes rich in modules such as Amazon, Article and Clickbank and many others.
1. It is easy to install.The program is quite easy to use and it is good for professionals and for beginners. The installation to be easy as any other WordPress Plugin. The wp robot configuration was swift and easy. You can have the whole thing up and running in less than 5 minutes for your first time.

2. Get new fresh unique content on autopilot. Just as you know that Internet marketing requires a lot of tasks to get successful and we cannot achieve that manually, if you have a team, that may be easier. WP-Robot simplifies an important one by providing a lot new fresh quality content on autopilot. Once you get the content, you can just focus on the promotion. WP-Robot also has the feature of providing you contents at random times and makes your postings natural to your readers and search engines; many other auto content tools just populate your blogs with hundreds of posts at the same time and will penalize you! If you don’t have time to update your blog yourself with fresh content, this is the answer. If you want to reduce your wasted time and really focus on your main activity (money) you should definitely give WP robot a try.

3. Target Content. With this cool wordpress plugin, making websites is so simple and easy now, first of you, you can research for a good niche (it could be anything, you don’t have to have knowledge about the niche), then the WP Robot will make the content for you. Find a good wordpress template, and paste my CPA code gateway, and you now have blog / website with content (words, images,videos…). Just find a niche and WP robot will do the content for you !And the most important is: these content are your keywords focused.

Something you should know before you buy wp robot 3

1. You’re going to need to know what you’re doing. This product does not spoon feed you, so you’re going to need to be competent in coding.

2. You cannot expect to just go in and make money right away. This is the sort of product where you cannot expect to be rich overnight. Instead, groom your userbase and use that to your advantage. I cannot stress how many people fail to notice this.

3.In order to make the best using of this plugin, you should find a good niche which is not that competitive.

4. If you choose a hot niche (just like celebrity related), please buy a good hosting which can support flood search engine traffic.

5. If you use this plugin doing Adsense, please read the Adsense TOS first, make your account safe.(not recommend use wp robot for adsense )

The price of WP Robot

The cost is little bit on the higher side, but it’s worth the cost. If you have used wp robot and have earn some, you will know the price of wp robot just a penny!

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WP Robot Torrent?

What? You want to download wp robot free? Yes, of course you can,unless you do not worry your website get hacked! You’d better download wp robot on the official website.

OK, that’s all, hope this wp robot review can help you make a decision,this is really an awesome wp plugin which can save your time, and make more money! Get the wp robot coupon code 2012 here.