When should you put your Google Adsense to your blogs or websites?

Some days ago, I read an article about the best time for you to put your adsense codes on your sites, and I have tested it, it’s true.
Most of the beginners especially the one who want to make money online quickly have a mistake is adding Adsense to a brand new blog or website. Why? Here are some reasons.
The new blogs have little traffic at first so there is little point in having Adsense on it.If you put advertisement on your sites just when you setup them, doing so can send out flags that the sites are made for money,and this is a no no with Google.Google know the codes on your sites. You are not allowed to create a site for the sole purpose of making money with Adsense or only advertisement purpose. By not adding Adsense and advertisements in the beginning of your sites appear to be a legit sites and will find that you will rank faster and avoid the sandbox. (Getting a few authority links from others appears to be the best way to avoid the sandbox coupled with not monetizing a new site.Grizzly)
Google love targeted traffic.For most of the beginners, after setup a new site, will quickly put their url on the social websites just like digg, you may have a lot traffic, but you will get little Penney from Adsense. Remember,Google Adsense should only be used on sites that get the majority of their traffic from the search engines. This is targeted traffic that will convert for the advertisers.
Google has a smart price.A lot guys want high eCPM, then they start new blogs for high ecpm niches, and put their adsense once the sites setup. If you have experiences, you may notice that although your niche can get big money per click, but You can not get that much, just say, others can get 2$/click, but you just get0.1$/click or even less. Why? Because of google’s smart price. Once I setup a new blog, and put my adsense on that new blog, though the new blog get some traffic and some good clicks on my adsense, but I get little money from adsense, why? because the traffic are not target traffic, they come from social sites and other websites’ links. Just for this reason, my adsense revenue down a lot! Because of a bad Channel !
If you put adsense on the suitable time,you will avoid smart pricing your whole account. A new site needs to build up targeted search traffic first. If the traffic to your site is mostly social visitors and you run Adsense and some of the un-targeted traffic clicks your ads you will likely see poor conversions for the advertiser and G will discount your clicks and pay you pennies. At the same time all your other blogs will see their earnings discounted as well.
Then when should you put your adsense?The new blog averages about 300 unique visitors a day. Normally I would have added Adsense a while ago as 300 visitors is enough to start making a little Adsense income. The problem in this case is that 7 out of 8 visitors are coming from social sources – bookmarks, referrals from other blogs, stumbleupon etc. Only 1 in 8 are coming from the search engines. In other words the majority of the traffic is not targeted for my keywords and won’t be targeted for the Adsense ads. This means that my Adsense could be smart priced pretty quick if the social traffic decides to click the ads.
I hope this can help you.