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StudioPress Prose Theme Review And Discount Code

More and more people choose studiopress themes now, and recently studiopress released a new functional powerful easy to use wordpress theme: Prose theme. I have introduced the studiopress prose theme before, and today I’d like to write a review on this cool wordpress theme.
StudioPress Prose Theme Review
StudioPress, a premium WordPress theme developer, understands that many people simply want a basic theme that operates on WordPress, but is easily designed from the ground up. That’s why they developed the Prose Child Theme.Prose Child Theme lets you design pretty much every element of your website in a very easy-to-use design panel. No coding knowledge needed.

Studiopress Prose Theme is a beautiful, new wordpress theme designed for bloggers and copywriters who are looking for an elegant and minimalist design for their blogs. Studiopress Prose Theme is child theme of the excellent Genesis Theme framework and it really shows off what Genesis is capable of. It’s a simple and elegent WordPress theme that will really make your words stand out on the page. If you love this simple clean but powerful wordpress theme, you can use prose theme discount code to get 25% off.

Prose isn’t a basic theme with no functionality. Instead, it’s build on the extremely powerful and many-featured Genesis Theme Framework.

Download Studiopress Prose Theme
Prose WordPress Theme Features

  • Flexible column layouts. It only takes a few seconds to transform your blog to look exactly how you want it.
  • Search engine optimized. All Genesis Themes are SEO ready out of the box so your sites will rank well in Google without much work on your part, and Prose Theme is no exception here.
  • Use on as many sites as you like. No need to pay extra for a developer license.
  • Point and click controls. Change colors, typefaces, font sizes and other essential design elements of your blog instantly.
  • Specifically designed for writers and bloggers. Design matters and Prose Theme does an excellent job of showcasing your content.

The Prose Theme layout only permits a blog-style format. It does not offer a static home page option like other StudioPress child themes. You can create a fixed page for the home page, but you don’t get home page widget placement. If you’re looking for a static home page with widget options for content, then don’t use Prose.

Prose theme is a search engine optimized wordpress theme. Google is a big fan of clean code. The Google “bots” are sophisticated, but they’re only so smart. Clunky, junked-up code can confuse them — and if Google gets confused, they won’t give your site the ranking you deserve.

In the second place, the web evolves. Those “back end” elements always need to be up-to-date. Security evolves, SEO evolves, WordPress evolves, and your page function needs to grow with those things so that everything works the way it should. But the last thing you want is for your carefully designed web page to suddenly look completely different because you updated your WordPress theme. That’s the beauty of a framework. When you click the button to update Genesis, it automatically takes care of all of those security and SEO issues for you. But it doesn’t touch the design of the page, because that’s handled by “child themes.”

How to use the Prose Child Theme?
The Prose Child Theme operates on the StudioPress Genesis platform. The Prose Theme is in fact a child theme. Read my brief article about parent and child themes here.

What you do is install Genesis first. Then install and activate Prose. That’s it – you can access the customizable panel you see above.

Easy Navigation Customization
One other very nice feature about Genesis is the abundant navigation customization options. You have full control of the pages, categories, and even individual posts and pages you place on navigation menus – including horizontal navigation menus.
Prose Child Theme Pricing
Presently, (at the time this post was published) you can get both the Genesis Platform and the Prose Child Theme for $84.95.  Once you have the Genesis platform, you can buy additional child themes for only $24.95.  Or, if you anticipate using several child themes, consider the Pro Plus Package for $249.95. (use studiopress Pro Plus Package discount code to get 25% off. ) You can use studiopress discount code to get 25% off.

Download Studiopress Prose Theme