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Digging Into WordPress V3 Download

Digging Into WordPress by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr is one of the most comprehensive books at WordPress available. No matter you are new or an expert in WordPress, you can read this book! You will learn more from this book.

More and more people use wordpress these days, if you want to know more about wordpress, you should read this cool book. At over 400 pages long, it’s massive, whether you have the PDF version or the print edition.Whether you’re just getting started with WP or you’ve been using it for years, there’s something for everyone in this book.
You can download Digging Into WordPress V3 here

Like WordPress itself, Digging into WordPress gets better with each new version. And the nice thing about PDF format is that you can read the book anywhere, even on the iPad. Plus you get useful stuff like actual, clickable hyperlinks and linked Table of Contents. Also the PDF format makes it easy to copy/paste code and other content, so you have everything all in one place. You can learn more and get the book here. If you buy this book, you can get free update in the future. With the release of WordPress 3.0, also the Digging Into WordPress has updated to V3, you can get the latest news and tricks from this book. Also you can find Digging Into WordPress discount code to save.

The overall tone of the book is conversational:

If you are buying this because your boss is making you design a site around WordPress and you are none too happy about it… Bummer. But hopefully by the end we can turn your frown upside down and bring you into the light.

New Chapter on WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is better than ever. Released on June 17th 2010, WP3.0 features tons of new functionality and CMS capabilities. So much good stuff, that we added an entire chapter covering all the best new WP3.0 features:

* New default theme
* How to setup and use WP MultiSite
* Custom taxonomies, menus, and post types
* Custom Admin usernames
* How to customize your background

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff, including how to use the built-in shortlink feature, author templates, comment-form template-tags, and more. It’s 20+ pages of new WP3.0 content.

Digging Into WordPress
starts out simply adequate that those totally new to wordpress need to have no problem getting started out, and covers sufficient a lot more advanced material to maintain those who have already began development with WP happy. If theming and customization is your primary interest, this is undoubtedly the book for you.

Digging Into WordPress is available in print and PDF formats. The print version (which includes a download of the PDF) is spiral bound to make it effortless to maintain open on your desk whilst you work. It retails for $67. The PDF is really a little less than half that at $27 (this review was based on the PDF version). You can find Digging Into WordPress coupon code to save.
Download Digging Into WordPress V3 here

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