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Kaspersky key – Free kaspersky antivirus key

kasperskyA lot of computer users are now using kaspersky antivirus softwares,its safe and fast.
And most of them are download the kaspersky softwares from the internet, so, they have no keys, how to get kaspersky antivirus keys?? Buy or also download from the net?? Emm, may you choose the second one.

So ,here somes some kaspersky keys.
Free kaspersky antivirus 8.0 keys
free kaspersky 8_20090901
kav8_20090901_kaspersky antivirus 8 key

Free kaspersky antivirus 7.0 keys

free kaspersky 7.0 key _20090901

free kav7 keys_20090901_0

kav7 keys free _20090901_5

kaspersky antivirus 7 key _20090901

These key are also for Kaspersky

Update: Here is an awesome website, where you can find a lot of free Kaspersky keys!!!!!!


  1. thank you dodoweb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i can enjoy 1 year free kaspersky! thank you once again dodoweb!!!!

  2. thank you very much! searched for almost an hour and now i found you…. my kaspersky is now valid for one year… thnx again

  3. I have tried many web sites for working kaspersky keys. Most of them were disgusting.
    Many of them had malware even viruses. Keys I found there were already blacklisted.
    But finally I found a web site where keys are fresh. It has even other antivirus to try with.
    You should visit it.

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