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Earn More Money With Smart WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

gogole adsenseGoogle Adsense is the most popular online advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase earnings. A lot of people are work on google adsense and earn extra money whit Google Adsense. Adding adsense to your wordpress is pretty easy,but if you are a lazy, and I konw you guys are lazy so here come some great wordpress Adsense plugins listed bleow will help you work smarter and make more money,

1 Adsense Injection

Adsense Injection I was looking for a simple simple WordPress plugin that just inserted Adsense code randomly into a pre-existing blog. All the ones I found would only replace an Adsense comment with Adsense code. That’s great if you want to go through every article you have and post little adsense tags, but for a site that has some bulk to it, it sucks.

2.  Adsense Deluxe

– AdSense-Deluxe is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress 1.5+ (including WP 2.0) for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed.
It was developed for my own use after an exhaustive search for a similar tool turned up nothing adequate.

AdSense-Deluxe Advantages and Uses

  1. Switching all AdSense ads to a new color scheme across the entire site
  2. Trying out image ads instead of textual ads
  3. Testing alternate AdSense formats
  4. Disabling a class of AdSense ads, or even all ads
  5. Including common formatting for AdSense ad blocks (less typing)
  6. Testing alternate ad placements for higher click-thru rates
  7. Controlling ads within your WP template files.

3.  Shylock Adsense WordPress plugin

– allows you to insert Adsense ads on your blog without modifying the template. More then that, you can set it up to show different Adsense ads for articles older then X days (x is the number of days you decide).

This way your regular readers will not be bothered by your ads, while visitors coming to older posts from search engines or other sources, will see a version that is monetized better.

4. AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System

– allows you to view your adsense earnings and share your adsense impressions with your friends and co-authors.
AdSense Earnings Plugin can show you, in real time, your AdSense Earnings for today or selected date range. You are able to view this in your WP panel or directly in your blog with a simple line of code.

5. Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin

– displays your adsense earning details within wordpress admin panel.

With the AdSense Earnings WordPress plugin you can:

  1. Check your daily earnings in your DashBoard or Options page
  2. Check your earnings for specific period
  3. Show to the public how many $ you made today

6. Author Adsense WordPress Plugin

– allows blog authors to enter their Google Adsense Publisher ID and have ads displayed on their own posts generating revenue. Admin can set the ratio of author’s ads to admin ads.

7. Google Ad Wrap

– Section Targeting is a way of embedding special tags inside HTML to give Google’s omnipresent spider a better idea of what’s important on your page.
This is a really simple plugin that wraps posts and comments inside these tags, in the hope that they’ll lead to better search rankings.

8. Who Sees Ads

– an advanced ad management plugin that lets you decide who will see your ads, depending on user defined conditions.
The association of an ad and these conditions is called a context: a set of circumstances you define, that will eventually display or not an ad.With Who Sees Ads,you can pick or mix any of the following rules :

  1. If Visitor comes from a search engine, display / don’t display
  2. If Visitor is a regular reader, display / don’t display
  3. If Post is older than XX days, display / don’t display
  4. If Visitor is logged in, display / don’t display
  5. If Date is between specified date interval, display / don’t display
  6. If Ad has been showed less than XX times, display / don’t display
  7. If This visitor has viewed this ad less than XX times, display / don’t display
  8. If All previous conditions fail, try another context
  9. If Any condition, display / don’t display