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AdSense for Search Will be Powered by Custom Search

Google today announced that ‘Adsense for Search’ will be now be powered by the ‘Custom Search’. If you have not yet used the ‘Adsense for Search ’ as of now, it would be a good time to start ( ), because now you can do many more things with the search functionality, with the help of advanced customization options of Custom search.
Here are the list of few changes/benefits for you:

  • Previously with ‘Adsense for Search’ you had to have a ‘Web Search’ with your site search. But now with custom search you can only have the ‘Site Search’. This will help you not to loose any visitors to web search and still earn the money.
  • Custom search indexes “all the pages of your site, which are indexable”. So no more worrying about getting your pages indexed in Google and then coming to your ‘Adsense for Search’. They will be available fast. And, they will be available all.
  • You will be able to present search results for a group of your “own sites” or a list of sites from your “friend circle”. You can even do exchange on this. Like “You list my results at the bottom of your results and I will do the vice versa”. Helpful for both.
  • You can now choose a location for the ads to appear.

So, now you know that you can do many more things with it. So go and use it.
Now you are not loosing your visitors to Google. That what is the harm using it. Nothing I would say.