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How to make your wordpress run more faster

wordpress pluginHow to make your wordpress run more faster? That’s a question. Though wordpress is an easy tool for bloggers to use, but you may notice that always this tool not run smoothly.Why? There are more reasons, the most reason is that every time you open a page, the page will check the mysql, then get slow, though you may open Gzip. Here I recommend a great wordpress plugin: The cos-html-cache which can make static state pages. It can make a real html page on you server which you can find. Use static state page have two good advantages.

  1. Good for search engine. Search engine like the page named .html No matter what reason, you want more readders to your blog, not? This also named SEO(search engine optimize).
  2. Good for the site which has huge traffic. These real  static state pages can send data more faster for they do not link to sql server.
  3. Good for visit. Just beacuse when your sql server down, your visitors still can visit your pages. May a lot of bloggers use wp-cache, I don’t think it is a very good tools for down sql server and huge traffic.

Ok, that’s all.Here is the  introduction of cos-html-cache. you can download it here

For wordpress 2.5, 2.5.1  cos-html-cache2.5.1

For wordpress2.0-2.3 Download Plugin

cos-html-cache on Plugin

cos-html-cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching plugin designed to make your WordPress site much faster and more responsive. Based on URL rewriting, the plugin will automatically generate real html files for posts when they are loaded for the first time, and automatically renew the html files if their associated posts are modified.
cos-html-cache. Current version, cos-html-cache2.3, is a huge improvement over previous versions of cos-html-cache.


**** Installation ****

1.Upload to your plugins folder, usually `wp-content/plugins/` and unzip the file, it will create a `wp-content/plugins/cos-html-cache/` directory.

2.Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.

3.Make sure that you deactivated compression on the Miscellaneous options screen and that gzip encoding is turned off on the PHP level.
4.create a file named “index.bak” under the root of your web directory
**** Uninstallation ****

1.go into admin->options->cos-html-cache
2.delete all cache files (very important)
3.go into admin->plugins ,disable cos-html-cache

**** Frequently Asked Questions ****

** Do I really need to use this plugin? **

* If your site gets Slashdotted
* If you’re on a very slow server
* If you’ve had a complaint from your host about performance
* If you just want to blog rather than testing new plugins and functions of wordpress

** How can I tell if it’s working? **

cos-html-cache adds some stats to the very end of a page in the HTML, so you can view source to see if there any codes like “<!– create at yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss by cos-html-cache 2.0 –>”

** Do you cache other pages such as cat ? **

No,this plugin only cache posts and pages.



  1. Great idea. I have had issues with the WordPress cache working with some plugins. This one would seem to totally bypass the issue and save the whole page. I have this bookmarked to come back to.

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