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Lynda.com Releases New AIR For Flex Developers Course

Lynda.com has released a new course by David Gassner entitled AIR for Flex Developers. This course looks at how Flex Builder 3 and the Flex 3 framework can be used to build cross-system desktop applications with Adobe AIR, and covers every point of integration with the host operating system, including working with the local file …

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Working with SQL databases – A SQLite Example for Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR includes the capability of creating and working with local SQL databases. Many stand SQL features are supported in the runtime, open source SQLite system can be used for storing local, persistent data. The flollowing is a simplistic example that create a sqlite database, add, get, update and remove records from the “user” table.

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Adobe AIR Twitter Client For Desktop -Spaz

Spaz is another free Twitter client for desktop worth checking out. It is open-source, and because it runs using Adobe AIR you bet it’s cross-platformed. Spaz performs most of the functions a normal desktop Twitter client would (send/receive tweets, stream public tweets, etc) but extra customization support. It comes with 4 themes/skin to choose from, …

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Google Reader In Adobe AIR Application

Good news for those who read feeds via Google Reader. Here’s another option where you can read feeds with a standalone application on your desktop, without logging into Google Reader with browser. ReadAir is build with Adobe AIR, so you can be rest assured that it will run smoothly cross-platform, Linux, Mac or Windows. The …