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Editor’s rating: 8.9/10

Pagelines Platform Pro 2.0 Review

pagelines wordpress themes
pagelines wordpress themes


Nothing sums up PageLines better than the tagline on its own website, which reads “It does it all, then it does more…” The thing is, in its most basic level, PageLines is a WordPress theme, and that probably doesn’t excite you too much, but the fact is that it is the single most customizable WordPress theme out there, with a multitude of different options and plugins that can be purchased from their revolutionary store. If you want a simple to use, yet absolutely unique, WordPress theme, then look no further – PageLines is the one for you.

What is PageLines Exactly?

PageLines is, as already stated, a WordPress theme, but unlike most other WordPress themes it is entirely up to you as to how the layout is designed, and where the positions of all of the different features within that layout are. The best thing is that the whole process is carried out using a drag and drop system, which means that even those with absolutely no web design experience can use it and create their site to their on exact specifications.

PageLines Features

To include all of the features of this theme within this PageLines review would require a 10,000 word article, such is the multitude of different facets this impressive platform has. Below though are the features that we think are the most important:

  • The new PageLines has a store that you can visit to purchase all manner of different plugins for your site – as well as sell plugins that you have created yourself. Opening the store up to the community like this means that it will be full of refreshing and new ideas for you to utilize on your site.
  • Users need absolutely no knowledge of coding at all to use this to its full degree. Other sites often claim this, but PageLines is the only site we’ve ever found to live up to this boast.
  • Fully integrated with WordPress, so you can still use the 65,000 different plugins that are on offer, as well as the unique plugins from the PageLines store.
  • The drag and drop feature, as already described, makes the process as easy as possible.

PageLines Support

There are two levels of support offered by PageLines – Dedicated Support and Priority Dedicated Support. Both of these offer one on one email interaction with a member of the PageLines team and therefore you will always receive personalised service to suit your own exact problems. If you have the Developer Edition of the platform then you can also engage the support desk with questions about different ways you can customise your own site, as opposed to strictly technical questions.

PageLines Pricing

There are two different price points for PageLines, and although they might seem high at first, you have to remember that this isn’t just a standard WordPress theme – it is a platform for you to create all of the personal WordPress sites you’ve ever wanted! The cheaper edition costs $197 and is aimed at those looking to work on their own sites, while the other edition – the Developer Edition – costs $397 and, as the name suggests, it aimed at developers who want to create multiple websites for their clients.

PageLines Conclusion

As you might have already worked out, we love this site and therefore this PageLines review couldn’t praise the site in any higher terms. It allows you to do what you might have thought impossible when you first tried to create a WordPress site – build a completely personal site, full of your own ideas and needs, without having to learn code or employ someone to make the technical changes needed. If you purchase PageLines, then we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your decision!

You can download the pagelines platform theme here.

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