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WPRemix vs. Thesis: A Brife Review of WP Remix Theme and Thesis Theme

Good news,if you are looking for a great cms wordpress theme , the wpremix wordpress cms theme is for you. and WP Remix 4 is immanently due very soon.

A lot people use Thesis theme, just for the easy to use, really? If you are new to wordpress, or new to CSS, I do think the Thesis is a hard to use theme framework, even not good than Headway theme!

Hooks, though they are for customization they do not allow for a greater level of customization to a theme as CSS does. As a Developer, I own Thesis as well as Remix and unless Thesis closely fits the clients needs out of the “Box”, I do not recommend it. If for some reason they choose Thesis because they like what it does best, beware not setting their expectations for later when they start to ask for tweaks or you to customize the theme. Hooks are very specific in what they do and and where they do it.

To be clear Thesis has and uses CSS, I did not want my statement to sound like I was saying Thesis does not use CSS. In the end learning CSS is the best way to gain control over your design.

In short, there are many different themes out there. Thesis is a completely different approach to a BLOG based site, and it does what it does very well for those who can live with the features it has automated and made more simple through the extensive Admin Panel.

WPRemix is the only Blog theme that offers a blog and a website in one solution, this is it’s claim to fame along with all the bundled templates to quick-start your site design.

I personally like WPRemix’s flexibility to adapt to many different styles in a short period of time, as this is it’s particular strength. But you need to have the prerequisite knowledge in CSS and WordPress to use it efficiently. What used to take me six weeks with “Dreamweaver” now takes me 5 days.

Both solutions are good for their original design intentions, the problem is always when people buy the wrong tool for the job. Kind of like when you need a saw, but bought a hammer, the hammer of course being the universal tool for all jobs.

NOTE: With all the questions I answer and do not answer here in the forum, I have found that people who have HTML “only” experience seem to have the most difficulty adapting to the Remix theme and even WordPress in general.

They expect the PHP and database environment of WordPress and the CSS to behave like an HTML site. Very quickly, they find out it is a bit different. I left Dreamweaver completely behind as a tool for developing websites once I discovered WordPress.

Once the concept of a CMS database driven site is understood and they put a little effort into learning CSS the bulk of the problems go away, with the exception of a few custom feature tweaks usually related to third party plug-ins that will arise.

WordPress is the future of site design for those who cannot recognize it already. Forget Joomla or sites built from scratch in HTML ground up. No “Blue Ray” v/s “HD” standard argument going on here. WordPress is well on it’s way to establishing itself as the defacto standard tool for website design. Aside from the several thousand (8K and counting last I looked plug-ins) I expect a lot of premium tools to develop around the WordPress engine, in fact they are already here. You can recognize this type of plug-in from others as they do not ask for a donation but rather cost a fixed sum of money.

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