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WP Remix Discount Code And Rebate Save $15 or $37

I am a user of WP Remix CMS WordPress Theme, and I have purchased the WP Remix Single Use License for one of my site. If you looking for a wp remix discount code or coupon, I have to tell you that there are no valid wpremix discount code at present, but don’t worry, I can give you a rebate if you follow my affiliate link. Yes, I have helped 46 wpremix theme users and saved thousand $$$.

The latest version is WPRemix 3.0: WPRemix 3.0 has been released with additional theme features and full WordPress 2.9 compatibility.
The price of this cool CMS wordpress is a little high, if you use this theme for business and earn money, the price is little, YES, your website can earn money otherwise you may choose the free wordpress templates already, and the wpremix theme is worth the price.

Before you buy wprmeix theme, you can download WPRemix 3.0 Theme Guide, a Theme Documentation Guide, this can help you more before your buy this cms wordpress theme. Yes, you can not find and download this on the other sites!

The price of WP Remix 3.0 and our rebate

  • Single Use License is $75  –  $15 = $60
  • Multiple Use License is $197 – $37 =$160

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If you purchase a Single Use License – You can save $15
Normal Price for WPremix theme – $75
Rebate of $15
Your Final price after rebate – $60

If you purchase a Multiple Use License – You can save $37
Normal Price for WPremix theme – $197
Rebate of $37
Your Final Price after rebate – $160

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information you should send via email:

  1. License option. Single or Multiple Use
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