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WPRemix 3.0 Theme Guide -Theme Documentation Guide

Hi there, here is the wprmeix 3.0 theme guide, you can read through the Remix Theme Guide PDF before purchase.
I have purchased the wprmeix cms wordpress theme, and now I upload this guide, hope this can help you.

Just as it says, WPRemix is a Premium Theme that offers WordPress as CMS experience, this is the only theme on the net that offers WYSIWYG page template editing. You can create different pages with different templates.Bundled with more than 50 strategically designed & coded custom static page templates, the theme enables everyone to publish a small sites in minutes saving weeks of time, maintaining top notch standards-compliant quality.

WP Remix 3.0
Theme Documentation Guide

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to the theme structure
· the theme package includes
Chapter 2
Ch 2.1 basic installation
Ch 2.2 theme options
Ch 2.3 create a page
· Increase height of your header/ header hiding your logo image
or background?
Ch 2.4 set custom page as homepage in your blog
Ch 2.5 set blog
Ch 2.6 set contact page
Chapter 3 locate the code
Ch 3.1 css structure explained
Ch 3.1 headers explained
· Increase height of your header/ header hiding your logo image or
· How to change logo image?
· How to change header background?
· How can i have category instead of pages in the top menu?
Ch3.2 sidebars explained
· How to change sidebar position?
· I moved the sidebar to the left but, the vertical drop menu floats to
the left instead of right!!
Ch 3.3 footers explained
· How to change static links from the footer?
Ch 3.5 advertise explained
Chapter 4 general guide!
· How to set page under a page? – (how do i make the pages
display under a dropmenu?)
· How can i exclude/include some of the links from navigation?
· How to change page order?
· How to get ID of categories?
· How to get ID of pages?
· What’s my feedburner ID?
· What’s my Flickrss ID?
· How to change number of posts in blog page?
· Where do I place my Google Analytics Code?
· How to add/edit/delete Testimonials ?
· How to change favicon?
Chapter 5 advanced usage
· Inserting a Page Template
· Inserting PHP, JavaScript and Unfiltered Content
· Using Short Codes
What now?
· Showcase your site
· Support Forum
· Resources
The resources (
· Become an Affiliate
· Become an Approved WP Remix developer

Download WP Remix 3.0 Theme Here

Download WP Remix 3.0 Theme Documentation Guide