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WordPress Themes and Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is really a cool form management plugin for wordpress! Gravity Forms enables you via a very sleek interface to build your forms just the way you want them. Simply by selecting the type of field you want to add be it a Drop Down menu, a Paragraph Text, a Checkbox, you name it.

Gravity Forms was designed with WordPress users in mind. Basically, if you know how to use WordPress, getting started with Gravity Forms will be like second nature. The visual form editor enables people with no HTML skills to create complex forms in minutes.

GravityForms You can use the script to collect emails and send out autoresponser messages. You can also export and tag your contact lists to organize and import them to other lists.

The Gravity Forms looks like a simple form creator but there is so much more this script can do. You can set a start and end date for a form, allow users to create a post with a form, manage customer inquiries from WordPress, and add checkboxes/radio buttons/drop boxes/custom fields for your forms. Download Gravity Forms here

And the CAPTCHA feature helped me to keep my blog free from spam, I used it to auto-reply to emails and many more things. This all works perfect!

There are 2 wordpress theme companies support this Gravity Forms well, the woothemes and the organic themes .

Somedays ago, the woothemes have added proper integration & support for the awesome, forms plugin – Gravity Forms – to ALL of woo themes. This means that you are now able to purchase a license for Gravity Forms, plug it into any WooThemes-powered WordPress install and you’ll have fancy, customizable forms within a few minutes. Gravity Forms are the only form management plugin you should ever consider using for WordPress, here are more details on woothemes and Gravity Forms.

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organicthemes.com premium wordpress themes also support Gravity Forms, they have some original wordpress themes, you can check their themes here.