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Gravity Forms Discount Code And Review

gravityforms discount coupon codeHere are some valid Gravity Forms discount code for you to choose from. Why not use Gravity Forms coupon code to save? If you are going to purchase the cool wordpress form management tool, the Gravity Forms plugin is the best one. Save money with the 2011 new Gravity Forms discount coupon code, why not use the Gravity Forms discount code to purchase while there are no different in support? Check out the latest new valid Gravity Forms coupon codes below.
Update: Gravity Forms released a new version, you can update your plugin free if you have purchased this cool form management plugin.
The Gravity Forms is the wordpress form management plugin you have been waiting for, and the new version Gravity Forms 1.3 has released, more new features in this version. It’s bloody easy to use. No programming needed anymore if the client wants another line of input added, needs a captcha or a file upload, wants a drop down or even wants people to be able to submit content directly to the site through a form. Although this is a premium wordpress plugin, but there are some discount coupon codes for Gravity Forms (have updated the Gravity Forms discount code 2011)

Gravity Forms is genuinely better, wonderful, it would certainly be worth it for a site trying to do relatively complex things with forms, or a client site with a huge budget.

Gravity Forms Discount Code -Save with Gravity Forms coupon

List of Gravity Forms Coupon Code

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Gravity Forms Discount Code for Headway Users

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What can Gravity Forms do

(It’s the best time to purchase the Gravity Forms now, because they have so many valid coupons at present, use it before expire.)
With this functional wordpress plugin, you can:

  1. Email Notification Routing
    Now you can set up notifications to route to different email addresses based on rules that you define. Use one form to route form submissions to sales, marketing, customer service department
  2. Conditional Form Fields
    Gravity Forms 1.3 adds support for conditional form fields. This means you can show or hide a field or entire sections of the form based on a value selected in another field.
  3. Bulk Add and Predefined Choices
    Quickly and easily populate drop downs, checkboxes and radio button fields with predefined lists of values such as Countries, States, Months, etc. You can also bulk add your own options
  4. Form Scheduling
    Have a form that you only want made available during a certain time period? Form Scheduling allows you to define a start date and end date for your form
  5. Enhanced Address Field
    The address field for 1.3 has several new options. Choose from US, Canadian or International address types, set the default state, province or country and toggle field visibiltiy.
  6. Validation for Multiple Forms
    We’ve retooled the form markup so multiple forms on the same page will validate as XHTML 1.0 transitional. We know you want nice valid markup and we’ve got your back.
  7. Enhanced Post Custom Fields
    We’ve enhanced the post custom fields to let you choose from various field types. Custom fields can now be email, website, multiple choice, drop down lists, hidden fields and more.
  8. Dynamic Field Population
    Populate form fields dynamically by passing data to the field using querystring, shortcode, function or hooks. This makes pre-populating data fast and easy!
  9. Respond To Entries From WordPress
    Want to respond to your entries right from Gravity Forms? Now you can view, manage and respond to entries right from WordPress!
  10. Limit Form Entries
    Running a contest and only want the first 50 people to be able to submit an entry? Now you can limit the number of entries a form can receive.
  11. Prevent Spam with Built-In reCAPTCHA Protection
    The reCAPTCHA field will shield you from spam by preventing from submissions from automated scripts. You will also be helping in digitizing books for online use.
  12. and more………..

Gravity Forms for WordPress is absolutely the last Contact Form you’ll ever need. It can truly transform your blog into a lead generation machine.

I will update the new Gravity Forms discount code in the future as soon as we get new promo code for Gravity Forms.