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Woo Themes WPBundle Coming!

It is not every day that wootheme get the opportunity to launch something incredibly awesome and supremely unique! Today’s launch of WPBundle is however just that: something absolutely spectacular.
The concept of wp bundles have been doing their rounds on the internet of late and it was only a matter of time before this concept would be applied to the WordPress community. So when woothemes’ friends – Liam McKay & Spencer Finnell – set out to create WPBundle earlier this year via a failed Kickstarter project, they just knew that a collaboration would produce some spectacular results. In the last 6 months woo themes team have thus worked with Liam & Spencer to bring you this WooThemes & WPBundle collaboration.

Liam & Spencer wanted to create something unique with WPBundle and wanted to position their business model completely differently to other WP theme providers.

The first WPBundle released today contains 10 amazing themes – ranging from personal blogging to business to photography to niche – and is available for only $250. That’s an very awesome $25 per theme, which offers you great value in our opinion. The themes included are:

  • Diverse: The perfect magazine / news theme to handle a variety of rich media articles.
  • Practical: Get all DIY about promoting your business online with this beautiful theme.
  • Personalize: A minimalistic & sophisticated personal blogging theme that perfectly highlights and publishes your content.
  • Nimble: A stylish & arty tumblogging theme that works really well with our iPhone app, Express.
  • KnowledgeBase: A knowledgebase theme to automate FAQ’s & Q&A in a very sexy way.
  • Work & Play: A theme for freelancers / designers to showcase their work and do a bit of writing on the side.
  • Essence: A must-have theme for any creative agency that wants to show off their work online.
  • Focused: A single column blogging theme that publishes beautiful, full-width photography.
  • Roaming: Geolocation awesomeness comes to this city guide theme.
  • SnapBlog: A breathtaking, full width photoblogging theme that will be the envy of many photographers.

Get the woothemes wpbundle here.

Pretty awesome collection, right? 🙂

All 10 themes have been built on the awesome, functional & stable WooFramework, so it’s got our stamp of approval as well as all the goodies that you normally associate with our themes. So not only do the designs look pretty, but you can be assured of amazing code & functionality underneath the bonnet as well. In addition, support & theme documentation will be available via and again we’ll be making sure that everything is on par with the quality that you expect from us.

These 10 themes are also only available via WPBundle and the $250 package; i.e. it is impossible to purchase these themes separately. These themes are also not available via our club subscriptions, but we are making them available to existing WooThemes users at a massive discounted rate:

  • If you have purchased a Standard or Developer Package before, you are eligible to pick up WPBundle for only $150; or
  • If you are an active Standard or Developer Club Subscriber, you can get WPBundle for only $100.

To take us up on this offer, simply log into your account and purchase WPBundle from there. 🙂

You can download the woothemes wpbundle here.