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StudioPress Genesis Theme Discount Code

Studiopress Genesis theme is a wordpress theme framework from studiopress. This is an easy to use, search engine optimized wordpress theme, good for both of wordpress beginners and wordpress designers.
Studiopress has transferred all their classic wordpress themes to a child theme of studiopress genesis theme, that means all of studiopress current wordpress themes and future themes are genesis theme based. If you are going to buy studiopress genesis theme framework, you can use studiopress geneeis theme discount code to get 25% off.

StudioPress Genesis Theme Discount Code

There are 5  popular premium wordpress theme framework at present, they are:

  1. Thesis – DIY theme
  2. Headway theme
  3. StudioPress Genesis theme
  4. Woothemes framework
  5. ithemes flexx theme and builder theme

Some of you may ask me which is the best wordpress theme framework? I have to say, choose your favorite one.
Thesis theme is a little hard for beginners, you will learn it for a lot time if you are new to CSS and php; headway theme is a visual theme framework, you can drag and design it; studiopress genesis theme is good for beginners and expert, easy to use, and more seo features will make your site rank high on search engine; woothemes and ithemes framework also easy to use, but not good than studiopress in my experience.
If you are going to buy wordpress theme framework, I recommended you choose headway theme and studiopress. And you can use genesis theme discount coupon code to get 25% off.