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Best WordPress Ads Management Plugins

Best Free WordPress Ads Management Plugins

Just as you know there are many WordPress plugins that designed to help you maximize your blog’s earning potential, but you many not know the best ones, you should need some effective and easy to use wordpress ads management plugins. Check out these WordPress plugins listed below that can help you make more money from your blog, and all of them are FREE!

Advertising Manager for Adsense – WordPress Adsense Plugin

Easily place Google Adsense and other ads on your WordPress blog. The Advertising Manager WordPress plugin makes it easier than ever to place and maintain Google AdSense ads on your blog. Simple to use, with powerful management and optimisation features.The plugin automatically generates AdSense code for your blog and allows you to use widgets to place and move ads around on your blog.

Smart Ads

A great wordpress ads plugin that makes advertising on your blog less intrusive to your regular readers but also allows you to monetize your blog’s archives. This plugin allows you to intelligently insert ads (like Adsense) before and after your post content based on post wordcount, post date, or other feat. With the Smart Ads WordPress plugin, you can automatically place ads before and after your blog posts but with a time delay. In other words, you can choose to have ads appear only with posts older than 10 days, 30 days, and so on.
Smart Ads automatically inserts advertisements like Google’s Adsense above and below your post content. These advertisements are only visible when viewing a single post (single.php or page.php). Since it doesn’t make sense to fill small posts with ads, users can set a “Wordcount” minimum for their advertisements. Smart Ads will only insert advertisements into posts that meet or exceed the desired Wordcount. This is the most popular wordpress advisement management plugin.

Ad Rotator

Here is another cool wordpress ads plugin. Ad Rotator is a simple widget to display random HTML code (advertisements) from a given group of HTML-chunks on sidebar. This plugin is good for these who want to maximize the ad space on their blogs. Using text files that you create, the plugin automatically rotates between the ads you specify to appear in a particular space on your blog.

WordPress 125 X 125 Ad Management Plugin: WP125

More and more people use 125 X125 ads on their website/ blog sidebars these days. If you publish 125×125 ads on your blog, then you might be interested in the WP125 Ad Management plugin that makes it extremely easy to upload, change, deactivate and maintain ads on your blog.Easy management of 125×125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.
If you’ve given up the low-paying and slightly obtrusive ad networks used by many new bloggers, in favor of selling ads directly, you may have been frustrated with the excessive time involved managing your ads. Not only do you have to find advertisers to sponsor your blog, you have to manually edit your template to put the ad in, and then head over to your favorite calendar app to set an alert to remind you when to take the ad down. This is really a cool wordpress 125 ads management plugin