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Why Choose WordPress As CMS?

These days, more and more people choose wordpress as CMS to run their websites.No matter you have a personal blog, corporate website,e commerce online store,huge content website etc, you can choose wordpress to run your websites.The free blogging platform that runs this site and thousands more like it, as a cheap, easy and flexible content management system to both create a church website as well as easily maintain it.Here are some reasons why I choose to use WordPress as a content management system for small- to medium-sized websites, good for business websites.

  1. The wordpress is a free content management system

    Although  the wordpress is built to be a blogging platform, it has a lot of function and flexibility to also be used as a content management system with the right tweaks. That is absolutely free to use.I have seen a lot small business websites do use wordpress as cms.You do not need to know CSS or any PHP code.

  2. The WordPress is easy to use

    WordPress is easy to use and this platform is used by thousands and thousands  people across the globe and has benefited from their insights to make it better and better. Tons of plugins, tons of high quality wordpress themes. So adding new website pages is super easy. If you can use Microsoft Word with relative ease, you can use WordPress.

  3. WordPress is Good for SEO

    Yes, the search engine love wordpress.Google and the other search engines love WordPress ,this  meaning they get “indexed” quicker and better. I have used wordpress for more than 4 years, and I have some wordpress based websites, I know this well.And with special bells and whistles (called plugins), they’ll love your site even more.This means you can get more customers from search engine.

  4. There are thousands of wordpress templates available

    I don’t like to recreate the wheel if there’s a good wheel available that’s also FREE. Check out the WordPress Theme Viewer here to see all the current free themes being offered by designers all over the world. And new themes are being designed and added almost daily.But I recommend you use premium wordpress themes, because you can get full supports from the designer.And the price of the premium wordpress templates are around $50~ $80, more cheap than a consultant one hour price.

    * Recommend CMS wordpress themes:

  5. Functionality

    You can use wordpress as CMS with professional wordpess cms themes and wordpress plugins, you can create online stores,real estate websites, company websites,marketing sites etc, no matter what function you want, the wordpress can do!
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