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Msn JustChat Download -How to chat when you are working

You know, our boss hate us chat online when we working. Then how to cheat him?
Here comes a new cool msn chat skin, which just like Microsoft word, excel, you can chat even the boss beside you. lol
You look like working very hard,in fact, you are chatting with friends happily.
Just chat is a skin of msn, use Microsoft office 2007 as backgrounds, and you can change the color of the words when you are chatting.Here are some snapshots.

justchat msn skin -login
msn skin-justchatuse office 2007 word as backgrouds
msn skin-justchat
msn skin-justchat
msn skin-justchatoffice 2007 pptmsn skin-justchat
use dreamwear as backgroudsmsn skin-justchatoffice 2007 excel
msn skin-justchat

you can change the backgrouds as you want.
really cool ware. download Msn justchat