TVU Player 2.4.5 – Watch Globe TV online LIVE

Watch live online TV channels broadcasting on the Internet.Then, what kind of tv software do you use?
If you want to watch foreign televisions online free, I suggest you to use the TVU Player.
A powerful live internet tv broadcast and monetization platform. offer a high quality,live 24/7 TV channel for you.
Watch live TV broadcasts on your PC. TVU networks uses P2P technology to broadcast TV programs live over the Web. The service is based on a number of patent-pending technologies, covering high-quality video coding, efficient real-time P2P distribution, and effective digital rights management.its great for watching the classic movies and cartoons.
The software looks pretty simple and is just as simple to use. Double click on a channel in the list and it starts to play.
Channels like CBS, Hollywood Movies, and Fox had satisfactory quality and played well in full screen. All channels however took a little time to get started; you could find yourself waiting a minute or two for the channel to start playing.

if you want to learn Chinese,English or any other language it’s a good way to watch and listen to the live TVs.
Download the TVUPlayer for windows and Apple Mac here

TVU networks has quietly unveiled TVU player Version: that enables internet viewers to watch and streaming live Television channels LIVE.
TVU player doesn’t deliver high quality like Satellite TV broadcast due to limited bandwidth on streaming server.But you can enjoy it and the quality is acceptable. if you keep the display window small then the looks of the movie will fine but if go full screen then it will quite pretty blurry on the tv program and quite latency.
NEW FEATURES of this new TVU player Version:
– Early version of the coming PVR (Personal Video Recorder) feature; allows you to pause,
rewind, fast forward, etc. the TV you’re watching.  To enable the PVR functionality,
you need to create a TVU account (if you don’t already have one) and sign up to be a PVR
subscriber (this is free for now, though we intend to charge for the PVR sometime in the
– Other small user interface improvements, such as button mouse-overs

Get the latest TVUPlayer, the best way to watch TV on the Internet. We’re constantly adding new cool features to ensure your viewing experience gets better and better, so make sure you have the latest version.
Download the TVUPlayer for windows and Apple Mac here