Make money via your simple blogs!

How to make money online? In fact, it’s easy to do.Let me tell you something about make money online.
You do not need a website, just get a simple blog you write.
The easiest way to make money is sell your brain!
Yep.There are many wanys to make big money.
For example, you have a blog, and the contents are writeen by yourself, you can sell your links. If your blog have good Google PR, a lot webmasters are want one way backlinks. So, if your blog have a good pr, you can sell your links via text-link-ads. If your contents are good enough, you can even sell your contents to the webmasters, they really need high quality contents, especially finacial, medical, travel related contents, even a single article can sell 30$ or more which just about 800 words.
Then, you can put google adsense on your blog, if you have good traffic, you can earn some money,besides, you can sell products no matter your own or the others’. Cj.com and clickbank have a lot products to promote.
Where to start your blog?? Purchase a webhosting? no, no,no, you can start your blog on Blogger first. After you have realised this can make money after your work, you can buy domains and hostings. good luck and make some extra money!


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