How to Move wordpress blogs to (blogspot)

wp2bIt’s easy to move blogger to wordpress, just 2 clicks, while it’s hard for most of us who want to import wordpress posts to blogger.But today I will intrduce you a cool tool which can help you move your wordpress blogs to blogspot. That is WordPress2Blogger(which is hosted on App Engine).

This tool will help you convert your WordPress blog into a Blogger blog. Then from your dashboard, click “Import” to import the converted file.

  1. Login to your WordPress account and navigate to the Dashboard for the blog that you’d like to transfer to Blogger.
  2. Click on the Manage tab below the Blog name.
  3. Click on the Export link below the Manage tab.
  4. Download the WordPress WXR export file by clicking on Download Export File.
  5. Save this file to your local machine.
  6. Browse to that saved document with the form below and click Convert.
  7. Save this file to your local machine. This file will be the contents of your posts/comments from WordPress in a Blogger export file.
  8. Login to your Blogger or create a new user.
  9. Once logged in, click on the Create a Blog link from the user dashboard, and then click on the Import Blog Tool
  10. Follow the instructions and upload your Blogger export file when prompted.
  11. After completing the import wizard, you should have a set of imported posts from WordPress that you can now publish to Blogger. Have fun!


This project contains a number of converters to and from different Blog services. The code is written in Python with scripts to execute the conversions either on the command-line, through a Windows batch script, or hosted on Google App Engine.

If you were directed here from a hosted service, please see the README file for information on how to run the various converters.

This project is open source and distributed under the Apache license. Please feel free to add to or modify this source and propose changes or new converters.

If you are experiencing any problems with the converters or the hosted service, please add to the issue list or ask a question on the discussion group.

For the list of supported conversions, see the ProductConversionsMatrix.
Download google-blog-converters-1.0-r64.tar.gz

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