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How To Install Windows 7 From USB Drive

Teach you Installing Windows 7 From USB Drive 3 Steps Easy Process

There are guides on how to prepare your USB drive so you can put all the Windows 7 files on it, then boot from your USB drive and install Windows 7, but they are all lengthy and require a bunch of commands.

The Easy Process of Installing Windows 7 From USB Drive:
Note: Make sure your motherboard is capable of booting off a USB drive or this will not work. Also, backup any files on your USB drive because it will be formatted.

1) Download the free UltraISO trial by clicking on this
2) Start UltraISO as administrator
3) “Burn” the iso image to the USB stick by following these steps

With UltraISO:
– Open the image of Vista/Win7 with UltraISO
– Choose your USB stick under “Disk Drive”
– Choose a method (It’s recommended to use USB-HDD+)
– Press Write
– Make sure to change your BOOT order in BIOS to boot from your USB drive first


I have tried this and confirmed it works fine, other people have confirmed this works as well! So no need to burn the ISO to a DVD and waste a disc I’m sure you can use other programs then UltraISO as well to do this. Also, installing from a USB drive shaves a few minutes or so off the install time.