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How to Activate Windows 7

The best loader is back
For untermensch– this thread will be added to Windows 7 Repository
to show you that everyone miss your loader development and support.
so even if there is a tiny chance that you left because your loader was removed from Repository, it will be added in the Repository thread again.
your loader deserve the Nu 1 score since it works the best for a lot of people!
We all want you back! rock’n’roll, hopefully we will see you here again.
This loader is very easy to use and is not bloatware (like others loaders, this loader is clean and does it all for you).
it do exactly what is needed not more and not less.

this loader works perfectly!

Windows 7 Loader – Version
Build Date: Sun 08/16/2009 – 11:53:40.18

FULLY activate Wndows 7 Ultimate.
using GRUB v4 bootloader.
*Multi-language support (All 36 languages have been tested)
*Uninstaller included
*Great coding.
*Best drive detection
*Prevent system corruption for dynamic disks
*Works fine with or without the “System Reserved” partition
*No text on boot
*added debug.log
*added md5 file checking
I have moved some commands around to ensure that no changes
are made to the system if the hidden partition is not found. also
added a check to see if the lo*der file installed correctly before
modifying the boot code.

to install:
To activate, simply run the act*vator (install_w7ldr.exe). Once completed, it will ask you to press a button, which will restart the PC.
That’s enabled.

The other executable (remove_w7ldr.exe) is used to remove the loader.


================================================== ==================================
Change Log:
================================================== ==================================
< >

1. fix no boot when menu.lst is present.

2. small changes so w7ldr and Wow will play nice when installed
on the same drive.

< >

1. fix very slow performance, when vmware is running
installer will quit with error, debug.log will report
ERROR: vmware is running. close vmware and try agin.

2. fix and issue with some card readers, when work_dammit
file is on the users desktop the script will try to mount
if error is returned script will move on the next letter.

< >

1. code cleanup

2. minor bug fixes

< >

1. added console output for tuvi123.

2. fix some space in file path bugs.

< >

1. expanded the search for hidden partitions from volumes 0-9 to volumes 0-99

2. add ability to mount more than one hidden partition

3. added work_dammit mode which will force the uses of a less selective
find string when looking for hidden partitions, this mode will mount
any partition not assigned a drive letter irregardless of size and
with any file system that Windows 7 supports. To enable work_dammit
mode place the work_dammit file on your desktop.

4. added get_debuglog.cmd, will place the debug.log on your desktop

5. added more output to the debug.log


MD5 F7971B358E1BE1A8BBB6E7D96176903B

SHA-1 cd038b9f7652a1893a3305f3072d37f7e2fa4341

SHA-256 c315b7ff01fc1fef60b5e2836840286481e1c37df451b1cf6f bd618496f7127b


MD5 B255212AD90156DCB3092FEEF7325AD1

SHA-1 9ae08a3f8ac3d416faab03bd039cfcc824267e40

SHA-256 af3fba1d9fbd3f5f27a6ef28ca23a17093976f8f774c1798ac 1792f6d9e3e63b

Windows 7 Boot cd

Boot cd to help with installing and clearing loaders when things get ugly.
boot from this disk and Type remove at the console prompt, then type reboot


to install:

Boot from disk, wait untill fully booted
type install and enter. when done, type
reboot and enter.
boot into Windows 7 RTM and run the install.exe
on the root of the cd.
to help diagnose non-activation issues, rw-everything
is included in the extras folder on the cd. Copy to your
desktop and extract run and choose ACPI button
tworads the middle, look for the SLIC tab.
if you have one then the bootloader did its
job during boot.

to remove:

Boot from disk, wait untill fully booted
type remove and enter. when done, type
reboot and enter.
boot into Windows 7 RTM and run the remove.exe
on the root of the cd.
the remove command will delete all loader files
and restore your boot code to MS default, hopefuly
recovering from a non bootable system after a
loader install.
bootsect /nt60 all /mbr
can be used to install bootcode to all partitions
and the master boot record.