FREE CorelDraw X4 Keygen download torrent

Here is a FREE CorelDraw X4 Keygen for all of you.You can download CorelDraw X4 Keygen from mininova. Please note that most antivirus software will recognize the keygen as a lame virus in which it is not …..(especially avg)
That is why i have placed the keygen in a .rar file. please turn off your real time protection to run the keygen after extracted, you can delete it afterward..
for those who have problems using the keygen i have included my serial and installation codes ,included in the read me text.

How to use the CorelDraw X4 Keygen

1/ Install corelDraw

2/ After istallation >loading Screen< click >I Have A Serial Number,then Run the Keygen and Click Key code.>REMEMBER TO KEEP THE KEYGEN OPEN<

3/ copy the key code and paste it into the >Serial Number Box< by holding down >ctrl + V< ,,,click next and leave all the components >checked< then click >Install Now< and wait until install is completed And Click Finish

4/Start CorelDraw From The Start Menu ,,,example: CorelDRAW X….Then Click >Other Activation Options< click >Phone Core<

5/ Now This Window you will have to copy and paste each 4letter code from the > installation Code< Boxes””WHITH NO SPACES”” back Into the the Keygen >Installation Code Box< then click generate,Now You Have Your >Activation Code<

6/Now If you look at The Keygen ,,,,There you should have Your > Activation Code< ,,,,,Copy and paste that code back into the >Activation Code < box inside the software window itself…Then Click Continue/Finish,,,,

7/Now start CorelDraw Like you have paid for it in the store.From The Start Menu!
Download the CorelDraw X4 Keygen now


  1. When I enter the key code into the serial number dialog box. it gives me the message ‘invalid serial number’ . Please Help!!!!!

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