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2009 Best Free Antivirus Software

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Why Free Antivirus Software are not safe enough? Why the paid Anti-virus Software safe?
Anti virus software provides a very good essential layer to stop the virus, Trojan, bad programs, spyware and rootkit threats from doing harm to you computers.Why pay for antivirus software when you can get the best antivirus for free? Here are some the latest best free anti-virus software and firewall 2009 for you.

  • Free Antivirus Software 1 :AVG Antivirus Free Edition
    The free AVG anti-virus  is the most popular and one of the best free antivirus software products. AVG has a very polished user interface and is easy and comfortable to use. AVG detects both viruses and spyware in the free edition. However, in the test mentioned above the detection rate is a little lower than Avast or Avira.The latest AVG version makes further improvements to an already solid product.I also use it now, very good. and it now including spyware, phishing, email scam protection and LinkScanner Pro. Regular automatic updates come quickly as before and, despite rumors, the new email scanning feature is not trial limited to 30 days.You can download the AVG here
  • Free Antivirus Software 2  Avast Home Edition Free Antivirus
    The Free Avast! Home Edition is also an excellent free antivirus software .Most of my friends are using this free anti-virus soft .The Avast has anti-rootkit and anti-spyware capabilities. The active protection feature monitors different ways that a virus could enter your computer, including Web browsing, email, IM, p2p,file sharing, and more.Avast is fairly light on resources,you can use your computer faster, I mean, if you have used kaspersky before,which will use a lot resources.You can download this free anti-virus software here
  • Free Antivirus Software 3  Avira Personal Free Antivirus
    I have used it before,and the latest new version of AntiVir finally adds anti-spyware protection. According to Avira rates slightly higher than Avast for virus detection. However, if the spyware tests were run on the free version of Avira the score would be very low since they reserve the antispyware feature for the paid version. AntiVir has advertisements that appear with every update, though you can disable these ads,I don’t like it. You may try this Avira Personal Free Antivirus