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How to Stop WordPress Creating Thumbnails

If your blogs have a lot pictures, and you upload the pics via wordpress editor, then you may find eveytime you upload an image, wordpress will automatically creating thumbnails and start occupying more server space, that’s ok, but if you want move your blogs from one server to another server, there come the problems. You will backup all the posts and uploaded files. Then you have 3 times images files  to download for the upload file have orignal image,thumbnail image, and medium image.How to stop wordpree creating thumbnails? it’s easy.

For different versions of wordpress, the options differ.

  • Stop WordPress 2.3  Creating Thumbnails
     go settings —>miscellaneous —> fill all the form “0” (zero)
  • Stop WordPress 2.3  Creating Thumbnails and medium images:
    go settings —->Media —>change all forms to “0”
    The sizes listed below determine the maximum dimensions in pixels to use when inserting an image into the body of a post

that’s it. very easy 😉 right?