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How To Get Free Traffic From Google

Get A #1 Google Ranking In As Little As 7 Days ,Get more Traffic!
There are more and more websites growing these days, there are a lot information in the world.When you have some problems in life, what will do?
Yes, search online! When you put keywords in Google, click the button, then a lot results for you to choose. In most of the time you click the first result.
Here is a research on search engine rank and click:

Total search:9,038,794 times
Total clicks: 4,926,623 times

different of search engine rank and get clicks?

Rank Get Clicks           Compares with Rank 1       Compares with preceding
1 2,075,765                            —                              —-
2   586,100                           1:3.5                                1:3.5
3   418,643                          1:4.9                                1:1.4
4   298,532                          1:6.9                                1:1.4
5   242,169                          1:8.5                                1:1.2
6   199,541                          1:10.4                              1:1.2
7   168,080                          1:12.3                              1:1.2
8   148,489                          1:14.0                              1:1.1
9   140,356                          1:14.8                              1:1.05
10  147,551                         1:14.1                              1.05:1

From the results, we can see if your site get the #1 in search engine, you can get 42% of all searchs
then 12% on the #2 rank.
For users, they all want get the answers as quick as possible, so, most of the time the #1 sites get the free traffic, but the other sites gets more less.
There are more and more websites growing, more and more webmasters coming in, how to get the #1 in search engine especially on Google?
You should do something.
A lot webmasters are useing long tail keywords now, and it REALLY get a lot FREE traffic!
How and why profitable long tail keywords drive traffic to your website and increase your rankings in Google,Yahoo, and MSN. More details

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  1. I am interesred in how to get longer seraches on google and if it is possible to get long page titles rank well on google. Can someone provide some examples?

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