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public domain images
Freeartisticphotos might not have a really big archive of photos but each and every single photo over there were taken by Lucian Husac and Lucian is a generous guy because he’s making all these photos Public Domain. And by Public Domain, it means you can use these photos at anytime, anywhere on any websites or project without the need of permission and absolutely no strings attached.

Most of these photos are beautiful scenery shots, but if you intend to make these into wallpapers or use in print designs, you’ll need the higher resolution version and that’s when you’ll need to pay. If you are using it for web, by all means.

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  1. Hi,
    Some of your readers might be interested in my collection of vintage images as well. They are also free and in the public domain. There are hundreds of images I’ve collected from old books, magazines, and postcards. You can find them at Public Domain Images.

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