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Organic Themes Review: Review of the WordPress Themes

Although they only offer a small selection of WordPress themes, what OrganicThemes do very well is ensure that the themes they produce are of the highest quality possible – which is probably the reason why their site isn’t flooded with new themes every single week. This OrganicThemes review is going to look at the different facets of the themes provided by this site, and therefore help you to come to a decision regarding whether they are the right site for you to buy from. So, let’s jump straight in!
OrganicThemes Review

OrganicThemes Selection

When it comes to the amount of different themes that OrganicThemes have for you to choose from, there are actually only 16 on the whole site. This is obviously an incredibly small amount, even by the standards of a small website, so you might not always be able to find what you are looking for here. On the upside though, this lack of themes is a clear indication that they only pick the best ones for their site, which means that the selection they have is of a very high quality, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of the functionality of the back end. They brand themselves as having themes for “artists, bloggers and business owners”, but this OrganicThemes review thinks that they are really suitable for anyone looking for a crisp and often minimal design.

OrganicThemes Features

There are a number of different features that you will find attached to all of the themes that this website produces. Some of these are:


  • All themes are designed to work across all of the major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • The themes from this site are all completely compatible with mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and all other smart phones.
  • Thanks to the clean and professional coding of each theme, they are all easy to customize, providing you have the necessary knowledge of code to do so.
  • All of the themes are given regular updates, which allow the themes to use the latest advances within WordPress to their full capability.

OrganicThemes Support

Those of you who have used WordPress themes before will know that occasionally aspects of a specific theme come up that completely stump you, leaving you with no choice but to contact the company to ask them how to complete a certain action. Luckily, the support provided at OrganicThemes is generally very good, with options to email them with specific queries, or to go onto the forum page, where you will find answers to all of the most common questions. The only problem with the forum is that it is extremely busy, with a huge number of different questions and answers – therefore meaning that it might take you quite a while to find what you are looking for!

OrganicThemes Pricing

You might think that a smaller site such as OrganicThemes has to raise their prices in order to make a decent turnover, but the reality is that they are a site offering themes at about the average price. This means that this OrganicThemes review has failed to find any themes by them costing more than $69, which is a good price considering how nice these themes are. One slight problem that we do have though is the price that they charge for the Developer’s Pack, which gives access to all 16 of the themes. At $249, we think that this is very expensive – especially considering the fact that other sites with hundreds of themes offer the same deal for around the same price!

OrganicThemes Conclusion

If you take one thing from this OrganicThemes review, it should be that the themes here are of excellent quality – if you can find one from the small selection that suits your purposes. The prices are good and the support is more than acceptable, and the back-end of each of the themes is a pleasure to use.

You can download organic themes here.