Elegant Themes Review

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Just $39 you can get more than 70 professional premium WordPress themes, and future themes in one year!

Elegant Themes review
Elegant Themes review

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Before we start this Elegant Themes review, we should warn you – we absolutely love Elegant Themes so it is going to be any extremely positive review indeed. In fact, we have used Elegant Themes ourselves before, and have found them to be incredibly good, as well as helpful in their support. This isn’t blind love though, as we can list a number of reasons why we like this site so much, so we hope that the following Elegant Themes review will persuade you that they are more than worth visiting for all of your WordPress theme needs…

Elegant Themes Selection

Elegant Themes offers 72 different themes for visitors to the site to choose from, which is a lot considering the site is primarily run by a single person! These themes range from simple blogs through to more complex themes designed for businesses and ecommerce sites. What you will find though is that none of the themes are industry specific, meaning that generally they can be adapted to whatever use you want them to have. Some of the themes are often slightly similar to one another, but this is the exception rather than the norm.

Elegant Themes Features

There really isn’t enough room in this Elegant Themes review to list all of the fantastic features provided by this site, but what we have done is listed the main features that you can find in most of the themes below:

  • Each theme has a number of different settings that you an easily use to change the color, the layout and the features that your site has.
  • All of the themes that this Elegant Themes review could find came with integrated advert management, making them perfect for those looking to make some extra income from AdSense or similar services.
  • The ePanel provided allows you access to many different search engine optimization techniques, which you can use to increase the visibility of your site in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • All themes can easily have Google Analytics integrated within them, without having to add the tracking code to the footer.php file.

Elegant Themes Support

Elegant Themes offers four different ways to get support for any of the problems that you might experience when playing around or installing your newly bought theme. These are a forum – a place where all customers can get together and provide hints, tips and solutions to each other – and a comprehensive FAQ section, as well as a section on trouble shooting and finally the option to contact the site, which is done through a basic contact form on the site. It is encouraged that members use the support forum for their questions though, as the contact form is only really for those with pre-purchase enquiries.

Elegant Themes Pricing

One strange aspect of this site is that you can’t actually buy individual themes; instead, you have to sign up to a yearly membership at a cost of $39 per annum. When you consider this though, the offer is not a bad one, as you get as many WordPress themes as the site has – plus all new releases – for less than you would pay for one theme from most other sites! Even if you terminate your membership after one year, you will still keep the themes that you downloaded.
There are more than 70 themes for you to download, that means just $39, you can get all premium wordpress themes on the site, and you can download the new theme they released in this year for FREE.

Elegant Themes Conclusion

If you read the first paragraph of this Elegant Themes review, you will already know that we love this site. It has stylish yet functional designs, great pricing and support that put the larger sites to shame. We urge you to head there next time you want a WordPress theme for your new site!

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