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WordPress Backup Plugin: BackupBuddy Download

A very easy to use, powerful wordpress websites backup plugin for you.

WordPress 3.0 have released, and a lot wordpress themes have updated, if you are a premium wordpress themne user, you can download the latest new themes from the theme’s official websites. But please wait before you update your websites.

With this week’s release of the highly anticipated WordPress 3.0.It’s one of the most highly anticipated releases yet … with custom menus,custom post types, and the WPMU now Multi-Site merge. ….. onevital tip we’re giving all customers is to backup WordPress BEFORE you do any major upgrade.

Download wordpress backup plugin

And of course …. ithemes team have built a solid all-in-one solution for backupscalled BackupBuddy … but also restore and migration of WP sites(something didn’t see on the market).

Although there are free plugins and services out there … none that they’ve seen have done what BackupBuddy does … it’s intended to be the complete solution.

It does FULL backups … of themes, plugins, settings, even widgets …. THEN … if you have a crash or want to move your site to another domain, it does restores and migrations.

Plus …. this is a premium product … supported by professionals with regular upgrades (one of the next items is Amazon S3 support!).

WordPress 3.0 have many great features, you should update to the new core, but you should backup your site first! Download this cool wordpress website backup plugin, which is easy to use and very powerful.
Download wordpress backup plugin