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WordPress 3.0 Default Theme Kirby Download

A lot of features are discussed for the new default theme for WordPress version 3.This new theme is Kirby, which is a simple clean easy to use wordpress theme, more new features had added to this theme, better than the wordpress 2.X default theme.You can download this simple wordpress theme now!
wordpress 3.0 default theme
Kirby is a nifty Theme for WordPress. You can check out the live preview and download it from the WordPress Free Themes Directory.
Download wordpress 3.0 default theme Kirby here
WordPress 2010 Default Theme Concept by Ian Stewart

Alright bloggers, web surfers and simple web enthusiasts, we’ve got some fascinating news for you all. Yes, Internet community can’t stop buzzing about the forthcoming release of the new version of #1 blogging software – WordPress 3.0.

The WordPress 3.0 default theme doesn’t need to be a full-featured framework, it just needs to work well, look awesome, have good code and be a good starting point for beginning themers. We were thinking of a fairly minimalist design that would make it easy to customize.

Kirby does exactly this and I could imagine using it on sites without making any major changes: it’s modern, it’s got appeal and still looks simple, very slick. What Kubrick didn’t do for me and lead me to k2 a long time ago, Kirby does.

Also, this simple theme is good for seo. Although this theme is in a blog style look, you can customize it to a cool magazine wordpress theme easily.

You can find more details about this free simple clean wordpress theme Kirby Theme here.