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A simple clean website makes visitors get the content quickly.I’ve always been a big fan of corporate websites. The good looking ones, of course! Not sure why, but I’m just a sucker for their clean look. If you are looking for a simple clean wp theme for your company website, yes, use the wordpress as CMS, you can choose these professional wordpress CMS theme to create your corporate website.
Today I would like to give you a new free simple clean wordpress theme :Corporate Sandbox, a minimalistic WordPress theme based on the Sandbox theme. The theme look and feel relies almost entirely on CSS and uses just a couple of images. The author( wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so that it would integrate with almost any website.
I find this beautiful theme via Google image, and I have spent a lot of time to find the best one! Usually find a suitable wordpress is a hard word as you know.
This simple clean wp theme is widget ready and very easy to customize: you can change title color in CSS in just a couple of seconds.
Simple clean website template:Fresh, Usable and Elegant WordPress Theme
simple clean wordpress themeThe original theme has some errors and I have fixed it.
Download Simple Clean WordPress Theme Corporate Sandbox |   Demo(this is a site about studiopress discount codes)

This beautiful simeple wordpress template Corporate Sandbox is a clean and light theme, ideal for corporate blogs. It’s also a great starting point for developing future WordPress themes. Designers can use this theme as a canvas for their creative ideas.
This clean Elegant WordPress Theme is easy to customize, you can use this theme to different niche.