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Upthemes Gallery Pro Download and Upthemes Coupon Code

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Today is a great day. Gallery Pro 2.3 has just been released to all current Gallery Pro subscribers and standard/developer club members. There are loads of feature additions and enhancements, as well as some important bugfixes as well.

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* Child Themes Now Supported *

Yes, I know, it was pretty lame that you couldn’t create child themes for
Gallery Pro. That’s been fixed and now you can create awesome child themes
until your face falls off and melts into a steaming face-puddle.

* Image Galleries Now Support Images of ANY HEIGHT *

This was a highly-requested feature in the forums. Previously, any images
in the gallery were chopped to 500×375, with no way to show images of
different heights without either looking too short or getting chopped at
375 pixels tall. Now you can load in all your images without having to
worry about whether it will get cut off.

* WordPress 3.0 Support: Menus *

We wanted to be awesome, so we added WordPress 3.0’s new custom menus to
Gallery Pro. We think this feature is a huge step forward for WordPress in
its quest to become more CMS-oriented, and once you are able to upgrade to
3.0, you’ll simply need to set up new custom menus to be able to take
advantage of this feature.

* Bugfixes *

Fixed the bug where the sidebar was staying turned on at all times even
when turned off in the backend.
Fixed some CSS display issues.
Fixed PHP shorttags in the UpThemes Framework. If you had trouble running
a local instance of WordPress with this theme, then those troubles should
be gone for WAMP and XAMPP now.

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