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StudioPress Genesis Framework v1.4 Download

Studiopress released a the new version of Genesis theme framework today! Studiopress Genesis Theme has always been about offering valuable cool features, while at the same time allowing maximum control through the use of intelligent Theme Settings, liberal use of action hooks and filters, and semantic markup, no matter you are new to wordpress or an expert you can try this cool wp theme.
In this new version of Genesis theme, it offers more control to developers who use Genesis to run their development business; and now the Genesis offers more SEO control for professional publishers, you can rank high easily use this theme; the most important part: Genesis offers increased flexibility for bloggers and casual users ! If you love this functional wordpress theme, why not get it now?

If you already a Genesis theme user, you can upgrade your Genesis in the wordpress admin panel, and of course, you get FREE update. Or you can download the free studiopress genesis theme 1.4 in the support forum.

How to update to the new version of Genesis 1.4?
Here are the steps:
Step 1:
genesis theme download
Step 2:
studiopress genesis theme
genesis theme backend

Here are the new features of Genesis theme framework:

Import/Export Settings

This new feature of genesis theme has been high on the demand list for quite some time now, and finally the team offer this to genesis users.

Basically, the Genesis Theme and SEO settings are now completely portable, so you can back up, restore, and transfer settings from one install to another. As you know, the other wordpress themes have no this feature. And this feature is easy to use.

Genesis Import/Export

This is an awesome feature! If you consider the following tasks, you will know how powerful this new feature!

  • Routine backups
  • Switching Hosts
  • Develop locally, transfer to live site

These are now dead-simple to accomplish with the new Import/Export feature in Studiopress Genesis 1.4.

More SEO Settings

Building on the outrageous success of the new SEO features in Genesis 1.3, you can now access the same types of SEO options for your author archives as you currently enjoy on your category and tag archives! These SEO features are useful, if you make good use of these, you can get a good result, I mean, rank high on search engine without hard work!

Genesis User SEO Settings

This is HUGE for multi-author blogs, where author pages need to rank well. You can now control a custom doctitle, META Description, Intro title and text, and other important SEO details for each and every author/user on your site!

Genesis SEO Character Count

Author Box, Now Per-User

Everyone loves the fact that Genesis allows you to place an “author box”, with information about the current post author and their Gravatar, at the end of each post. But maybe you don’t want to have that box at the bottom of EVERY author’s posts. Well, now you have that option!

You can also choose to display the author box at the top of the author’s archive page.

User Settings, More Control

We know that not all sites have a single author. And sometimes, you don’t want your authors messing around with Theme Settings, Layouts, and SEO. So, Genesis 1.4 introduces a user control system that will allow you, the site administrator, to turn off these features on a per-user basis, all from the user management page.

Genesis User Settings

Also, for those of you who manage sites for clients, this is a GREAT way of “locking” them out of features you don’t want them to change. Now YOU have control over what they have access to.

For Developers: You Can Now Register/Unregister Layouts!

We’ve all been there. You design and develop the perfect child theme, but your client decides to mess with the layout options. Which is fine, except they complain to you when one of the layouts doesn’t look quite right.

Instead of disabling the layout selector altogether, or locking them out of Theme Settings, use the new genesis_unregister_layout() function to unregister any of the default layouts that Genesis ships with.
OR, if the default layouts are insufficient for your needs, use the genesis_register_layout() function, along with your own custom CSS, to create any layout you want!
And there are more cool features in this new studiopress Genesis V1.4, you can get it here. If you but genesis theme now, we offering you a discount, grab the studiopress discount code to get 25% off on any studiopress theme package. Limited time offer.