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Studiopress Genesis Designer Theme

The Studiopress is a leading wordpress theme design company, a lot wordpress users are using studiopress premium wordpress themes, not only their themes are well designed, but also their themes are easy to use and the price is affordable. With the release of Genesis theme framework, studio press themes are more functional and powerful!

Here is a new cool wordpress theme released by studiopress: Genesis Designer 0.9, which is now available for download to StudioPress Pro Plus members only at this time. The Genesis Designer is a child theme which includes a Design Settings page to easily control elements of the Genesis theme. If you are a StudioPress Pro Plus members, you can download it FREE now, if not, you can get the membership here and you can get 25% off use studiopress discount code.

Alongside studiopress wide variety of child themes, the primary intent of the Genesis Designer will be to provide users a way to quickly setup a blog or website without having to go into the code. Many bloggers as yo know just simply want a basic theme which allows them to use organic WordPress functions such as custom header and custom background. This will provide them a simple way to customize the basic elements of their site – fonts, colors, etc. This new theme is for these folks! Very easy to use and search engine optimized. The Alpha version currently outputs the CSS into the head of the source code. This isn’t the proper way to handle things, and this will certainly change. For testing purposes, it was easier to start this way, but I can assure you that the final product will be optimized and done right.

Here is a screenshot of the Design Settings page: Looks so great, because you can control almost of the layouts now!
Studiopress Genesis Designer Theme
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