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If I give you a choice: do you want a beautiful website or want a website with search engine optimized website? I have seen a lot websites and got to know that some websites are really beautiful with heavy images and most of them are not good for search engine spiders, while some ugly websites with good SEO features, then, what kind of websites do you choose?

studiopress-seoDon’t worry, you can get them both if your websites are wordpress based! These days more and more people use wordpress to build blogs and websites, and more and more people use premium wordpress themes. The studiopress is a leading theme company and they have developed a lot popular wordpress themes, not only their themes are easy to use, beautiful, but also their themes are good for seo, and the price is affordable!

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The studiopress Genesis 1.3 has released, and the recent version Genesis 1.3 Rocks for SEO! And the single most important aspect of this new release is the SEO improvements!

Greg Boser, one of the most well known and respected SEO experts in the field. Studiopress approached him about doing an independent Genesis SEO audit, he was more than willing to help out. His input and feedback proved to be invaluable in taking Genesis SEO to the next level. We’re confident that his suggestions have made Genesis 1.3 into the best option in search engine optimized WordPress themes.

The doctitle is critical in your efforts to serve search engines the most relevant information about your web page, and therefore being able to control this element, in nearly every context, is extremely important.

In Genesis 1.3, you can now control the doctitle on the homepage, individual posts and pages, category archives, tag archives, custom taxonomy archives, etc.

Also, on new installs (or if you reset your SEO settings), we’ve made the “Append Site Name to Doctitle on inner pages” option off by default. By having this option off, your inner pages are controlled 100% by you. When every character is precious, and keywords are crucial, this control is FAR more flexible than any auto-generated option.

Robots Meta Control

Genesis META Robots SettingsThis is, by far, the most noticeable improvement in Genesis 1.3. We give you all the control you need, while selecting optimal defaults for you, should you be unfamiliar with SEO.

(If you’ve already installed Genesis, just reset the SEO settings to get the new, optimized, defaults)

We’re now offering universal noindex and noarchive controls for archive pages from the SEO Settings page, as well as individual controls over noindex, nofollow, and noarchive for the homepage, individual posts and pages, and individual category, tag, and taxonomy archives.

Also worth mentioning, we’ve added the ability to apply noodp and noydir tags (both on by default) to your site to keep search engines from using titles and descriptions from the Open Directory Project and the Yahoo! Directory.

And more SEO features!
Usability + SEO = WIN!
Genesis 1.3 is definitely our most ambitious release so far. I think the feature additions are going to net you real results in your quest for traffic and search engine domination!
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