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The wordpress is so popular these days, more and more websites/blogs are using wordpress. You can find a lot websites use wordpress as CMS, although there are Joomla!,drupal etc,(best free CMS) but wordpress is more easier to use. We love wordpress. With it’s functionality and flexibility, you can build professional e commerce websites,membership websites etc.

Most internet marketers and bloggers know that WordPress is one of the most favored blog formats on the internet today. It can be used on its own or installed to websites through most web hosting programs, it is Google-friendly, and it offers many user-friendly features as well. The Membership software scripts let you take the ease of using the WordPress blog format even further by creating a membership site directly within it.

If you are interesting in finding ecommerce wordpress theme/plugins for online stores, you can check out the best ecommerce wordpress themes here, and I recommmed you try shopperpress theme which is really a functional,powerful,easy to use wordpress theme for sales/affiliates.

aMember Pro with WordPress Plugins

aMember is the perfect membership software for selling digital products and downloads.

Accept subscription payments, manage customer profiles, deliver digital content, integrate with your blog, forum, or CMS, send opt-in newsletters, run your own affiliate program everything is easy with aMember Pro.

  • Quick access to the most useful functions, and advanced settings for professionals
  • PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, Wordpay support out of box, and 100+ more integrations coming soon
  • German, Spain, French, Greek, Russian and Chinese translations are available
  • Easy and powerful integration with WordPress, XenForo, vBulletin, and others Professionals will install aMember to your website and help you with the first steps
  • Thanks to subscription system integration, you can precisely track recurring commissions
  • The customer support module helps you keep customer requests and responses organized
  • aMember Pro can protect your site folders, files, scripts, blog posts, forums, and more

Download aMember Pro Here

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

If you want to turn wordpress into a powerful membership website, you can try wordpress membership plugins. There are so many wordpress membership plugins there, here is a list of the best wordpress membership plugins. You can try any of them, and all of them are easy to use!

WP Wishlist WordPress Membership Plugin:

This is a very popular WordPress Membership Plugin, WP Wishlist features much of what is desired in a membership plugin; unlimited membership levels, sequential content delivery, shopping cart integration, multi-level access, subscription length control, sneak peak content display and a lot more. A single license runs $97 while a multi-site license (with free updates and 3 months of support) costs $297. This program is a must for anyone who uses a blog with WordPress and needs a membership, even if it’s a little expensive for beginners (97$). I think it worth totally the cost. With this program, I was able to create multiples levels of memberships for my blog. With this I was finally able to monetize my blog by creating premium memberships. With this ability to charge the memberships, I was able to make more money than the program cost. If you have a blog with a lot of traffic, you will never regret buying this program( you can use google adwords and use PPC to get more paid target visitors to your website), and I must say that the customer support was surprisingly effective and careful. They always answered my questions with many details and that is why I recommend this product.

Magic Members | Turns WordPress Into A Membership Site
You may expect to pay $2,000 – $3,000 for such an easy to use, full-featured membership application that does not require you to switch to a different system. Magic Members is a fully integrated WordPress membership and subscription plug-in that quickly takes your blog from an ordinary blog to a powerful membership site.
This is a Premium WordPress Membership Plugin with A Lot of Powerful Features. This memebrship plugin is Very Easy to Use and Works With Any WordPress Themes, you can get Free Unlimited Support!If you are Tired of using complex Membership Systems? Try Magic Member’s simplicity and intuitiveness! With Multiple Membership Levels, Your membership site can have multiple membership levels. So you can create membership levels , such as; Silver, Gold , Platinum, etc . This plugin is easy to use,Simply follow a few easy steps and Magic Members will turn your existing blog, or new blog, into a powerful membership site. This plugin has almost any membership software/scripts have, and more, this plugin Allow even more flexibility with the Pay Per Post access feature. Magic Members provides you the ability to allow free memberships to purchase content or articles on a per post basis. This cool feature is good for your visitors who just want to see some of your posts, also this encourge your visitors to buy, not to waste money!Buy Now, It’s Only $97!Also I have discount coupon code for Magic Members!
Here are some limited time Magic Members coupon number :
Single License: MGM876MM $15.00
3 Users License: MGM965MM $25.00
Unlimited License: MGM996MM $35.00

MemberWing WordPress Membership Plugin:

WordPress Membership Plugin – Software to Build Membership and Subscription Sites. WordPress Membership and Subscription plugin MemberWing.This plugin is one of the most popular commercial WP membership plugins, MemberWing is perhaps the most robust of all options. This plugin can build a Full Membership Site Functionality. In minutes.There are actually two plugins from MemberWing; the WM Gradual Content Plugin ($79 for a single license and $149 for unlimited use) and the MW Membership site plugin (there are four levels of pricing – from free to $295). The Gradual Content plugin allows for prescheduled release of premium content to members while the membership plugin offers site owners a more traditional approach to putting content behind a subscription wall and promoting it to non-members (the plugin even includes integration with several affiliate marketing tools and resources).

WP Pro Members WordPress Membership Plugin:
WP Pro Members is a feature packed WordPress Membership Management Plugin allowing anyone to turn a WordPress Blog into a fully functioning members site which can accept payments through Paypal, ClickBank and WorldPay.

WP Pro Members turns your WordPress into a full automated membership website in minutes. WP Members has a lot of powerful features, however it’s, very easy to use. After being installed, you can have your own full automated membership site up and working.
And,Each membership level can have unlimited subscriptions. You can charge monthly while offering a discount for annual subscriptions. You can force specific payment terms for individual membership levels, you may want one membership level to only be available to annually paying members. Each subscription can vary anywhere from 1 day to 24 years, you decide the exact recurring length of individual subscriptions allowing complete control.

I will add more cool WordPress Membership Plugins here to help get the best membership plugins,choose the suitable one!