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iThemes Flexx WordPress Theme Review And Coupon Code

Have you decide to buy the Flexx theme now? If not,why not read this review on this cool ithemes flex wordpress theme?And I have a 25% off flexx theme coupon code for you.This is a great wp theme for you ,especially if you are new to wordpress.I was really impressed with the features. Flexx is easily the coolest WordPress premium theme I’ve seen.

The Flexx theme was created with one primary goal in mind :As I was updating an existing site I didn’t want to vary too much from the layout that was there already. With iThemes Flexx wp theme I was able to choose where to include the main menu in relation to the header, which site the sidebars would be on, even how many sidebars there were, whether to include wigitised areas at the top and bottom of the posts, etc. I was able to do a good job of replicating the layout of the original site very easily. This flex theme make it possible for WordPress bloggers who have no knowledge of blog design, web design, or CSS to customize their own blogs without hassles and without big monetary investments.
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The most impressive part of Flexx is the layout options screen, so let’s start there. As you can see below, the layout options are almost limitless. You decide where to place various elements.It is easy to update the header with flexx theme. I used the old image from the site, cropped it a little to size and used the image manager built into Flex to upload it. Flexx allows for several images to be uploaded and it will fade between them at specified intervals.This is a really cool feature while the other wp themes don’t have this feature( has this feature,very easy to use,right?) You didn’t need to use that as you was trying not to move too far from the original design; however, the fact that it is there means I can consider some interesting additions to keep the theme fresh without doing too much work.Putting the menu together was also pretty easy.You can use Flexx’s menu selector to choose which pages you wanted. I used my Fun with Theme Widgets plugin to convert this to a widget and then attached it to the sidebar.

Changing the layout can be done by selecting a new layout option from the WordPress dashboard, and Google AdSense code can be added from the WordPress dashboard as well!
It’s not so much that the features of the Flexx themes are particularly unique but rather the ease with which those features can be configured and customized to meet the individual user’s needs that set the Flexx theme apart from any other premium WordPress theme.

Once I saw all the functionally with this theme and how I could bang out landing page style sites faster then most people can do that with a landing site generator I knew I had to have this theme, it just solved every single problem I ever had with a wordpress theme, including this one I use now. I no longer need to know how to edit code, all I need to focus on now is how to copy and paste code. That’s it!

I am fully aware that I didn’t use the Flexx theme to anything close to its full potential. What I used it for was very simple and could be accomplished with most themes; however, I do think that it would have been more difficult in most cases. Flexx is certainly a very flexible theme. The Flexx theme is a great choice for both novice WordPress users who want to give their blogs a unique look as well as for blog designers who want a theme that’s easy to use and easy to customize for numerous clients.

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