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How to Photoshop to HTML? Photoshop to HTML eBook Download

Save with the latest Photoshop to HTML discount code.A good ebook on Photoshop to HTML. In “Photoshop to HTML”, Nettuts+ editor Jeffrey Way takes you through the entire process of converting a design from Photoshop into a complete HTML/CSS website!
This is what real world web designers do day in and day out and what designers in training need to know.
Photoshop to HTML discount code
This eBook will take you through the entire process of converting a Photoshop design into a complete HTML/CSS website!
But it’s NOT just an eBook! It comes packed with a directory of Photoshop, HTML/CSS files for you to use as you work your way through the book! PLUS you also get a series of 14 screencasts covering the whole project from beginning to end!

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This eBook is for anyone who has an elementary understanding of HTML and CSS. You should be familiar with HTML tags and the most common CSS properties. Some of the topics covered in the book are as follows:

  • How to utilize techniques, such as background replacement and sprite generation.
  • Different methods for slicing a PSD.
  • Create semantic mark-up, and learn how this HTML relates to the original PSD.
  • Take advantage of advanced CSS3 features.
  • The differences between absolute and relative positioning.
  • How to take advantage of a variety of helpful browser extensions to expedite your coding.
  • Use custom fonts with Cufon font replacement.
  • How to compensate for the dreaded Internet Explorer 6.
  • Utilize the jQuery library to add a touch of interactivity.

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